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Are you in search of an cheap movers Singapore with professional moving service? That’s great! You have arrived the right place. Our Movers Company is among the top-ranked movers in Singapore that provides premium quality service to our customers.

These days moving is a part of everyday life in Singapore. And many people have found that they always suffer from fatigue and unwanted problems arising from moving process like damages or losses. As a result, moving is a stressful event that is overloaded with hundreds of small details that need attention. And we understand that most movers is usually heavy on the wallet. That why we have chosen the best movers with the most reasonable price.

With this list of the best moving company in Singapore, you will be a few steps from having a hassle-free moving experience.

Just request a free quote from them and you will not go wrong by engaging one of them.

Cheap movers Singapore
Cheap movers Singapore


Cheap movers Singapore is the one-stop solution for all your Moving needs with the best service and the most affordable price. 

They are one of the most reasonable price moving company in Singapore that provide top notch moving service. 

  • Reasonable and transparent rates
  • Professional moving service with the cheapest rate in Singapore
  • Highly efficient moving team
  • Free carton boxes are provided
  • Free wrapping service
  • Friendly teams of movers and sales personnel 
  • Cater to all types of large scale moving (office / commercial)
  • Storage space

Check their site out at Https:// or contact them at +6598870004

  • +65 84544356


RHS MOVERS is one of the best choice for house moving. They provide one of the best and reliable moving service in Singapore. With affordable and cheap rate, they are the only moving company you need for all your moving needs. Your professional and budget movers Singapore.

  • Cheap rate 
  • Available on last minute notice
  • Free cartons boxes and wrapping for furniture 
  • Cater to small scales and large scales moving 
  • Fixed and transparent prices
  • Professional team of movers
  • Their house moving service price from $200 only
  •  Tons of good review on their facebook page and google

Check out their site at or contact them at +6584544356

Vs Movers Singapore
  • 7030 Ang Mo Kio Northstar Building, #03-24
  • +65 97730023


V.S. Movers & Logistic now have excellent expertise in a wide range of services as Commercial Moving, Professional Household Relocation, Loading of Containers and Disposal of Bulky Items. Serving the clients to the fullest and keeping them satisfied with our high quality services always gets our top most priority.

  • One of the best and top rated moving company in Singapore
  • Service is always available when required
  • Extra-secure steps for protecting furniture
  • Insurance provided
  • Immediate response to queries and questions
  • Rich experience in moving large and valuable items
  • Free cartons boxes, tapes
  • Cheap and reasonable rate (house moving at $288 only)
  • Free lucky draw on the spot for instance cash back

Check them out at

  • +65 91421118


With more than a decade of experiences, we understand the importance of logistic to your business.

One stop services from Residential Relocation to Office Furniture Installation in Singapore. Established in Singapore since 2019, Moving Cube is your number 1 trusted logistic company.

All our customers benefit from:
  • A single point of contact
  • Fixed and guaranteed prices
  • An experienced management team
  • Friendly, professional drivers

Check them out at  or contact them at +65 91421118

Tips to look out for when engaging unknown cheap movers.

If you’re trying out a cheap moving service from a company that you may not be familiar with or never hear before, look out for this things:

Are there any blogs or reviews on the company you’re intending to engage? Even when the service is cheap, do a simple research to see if it trust-able or reliable. You do not want to risk your precious stuff just to save that cost. You will end up spend more if you go for unknown movers.

Check out their expertise in moving. Can the movers negotiate tight corners? How good are they at dismantling and assembling furniture? Do they know how to handle special items like piano or safe?

Check out their hidden charges. You’ll definitely need plastic wrapping for furniture, professional movers or boxes when you are moving. Check if they provides you as a complimentary service or chargeable? Most of the unknown movers that charge super cheap will have all this last minute costs. They usually quote a super low price to close the deal and will charge you all the hidden costs. So be aware and make sure before engaging them.

This are some of the tips to save you from engaging unknown movers or just make it safe by choosing the above 3 movers that have tons of good review.



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